The Importance of a Roof Inspection & Regular Maintenence

Let's face it - Whether it is a Commercial Roof or a Residential Roof, your roof is a major investment. Major investments need protection. Annual maintenance can provide that protection and insure proper functioning. On the other hand, a lack of inspection and maintenance will eventually result in premature failure and unexpected and avoidable expenses. For your roof system to retain its long term value, a roof inspection and regular maintenance program is therefore imperative.

B&G Enterprise's approach to roof inspection is clear and straight forward. For new systems, our Roof Inspection and Management Program should be implemented at the beginning of the roofs life. In fact, any age roof will benefit from the implementation of a thorough inspection and concise management program.

B&G Enterprise will conduct a comprehensive 35 Point roof evaluation to determine the exact needs of a specific roof and to help choose the correct course of action. This evaluation will cover all of the necessary areas to ensure a loger lifetime for your roof.

During the term of the inspection program, B&G Enterprise will visit the facility monthly, annually or as required. Upon each visit, we will make recommendations for corrective and preventative repairs to keep the roof in optimal condition.

Why Maintenence?
There are several things that roof systems can deteriorate from: normal wear; severe weather conditions (e.g., wind and snow loads); building movement (e.g., settlement, material contraction/ expansion); and improper design, construction and maintenance.

Any roof repairs not dealt with after the first signs of failure can result in increased damage to the building envelope and interior finishes. This loss can cost home and business owners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a structure.

Regular inspection of building roof systems will lead to early detection of roof problems, protection of assets, and maintenance of safe working environments for building occupants.

B&G's Objectives

  • To determine if the roof system is performing according to its intended function.
  • To identify signs of weakness, deterioration or hazard.
  • To identify needed repairs.
  • To maintain the roof system and set our clients minds at ease.

B&G's General Approach

  • Inspect exterior for: continuity of roof covering; deterioration of fascias, gutters and soffits; and performance of flashings.
  • Inspect interior finishes (ceilings and walls) for signs of water penetration, frost buildup and structural distress.
  • Record and report inspection findings.
  • Initiate maintenance and repair projects.
  • Report any unsafe working conditions or potential system failures immediately.

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