Residential Siding Installations

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Residential Siding Installations for your home.

If vinyl siding is not installed properly, it will not last and will not protect your home as it is intended to do. B & G Enterprises installs vinyl siding using the Vinyl Siding Institute’s approved installation methods.

B & G will install your vinyl siding using all of the proper equipment and materials as recommended by the Vinyl Siding Institute

  • We use extra long panels, which means fewer seams. Superior engineering eliminates gaps where panels meet ––seams are tight and virtually invisible.
  • We prepare and protect your home with underlayment and corner wrap. This will be a layer of protection from moisture, insects and mold.
  • Inside and outside corner posts properly finish interior and exterior corners for a professional installation.
  • Vinyl coated aluminum trim material is maintenance free and will not rust or oxidize.
  • Our attention to detail includes proper gable vents and J-blocks so your faucets and fixtures are attractively finished and do not become an entry point for moisture and pests.
  • Lifetime installation warranty.

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